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About IPW

At Industrial Pressure Works, LLC (IPW) we take great satisfaction in providing the highest quality, most affordable fleet cleaning service in the industry. We do this by continual process improvement, employee training and education, and through the implementation of innovative technologies and procedures for the fleet cleaning industry.

Our best part is our highly trained well educated employees. Each employee is specifically selected, trained and educated to complete the job at hand, cleaning your fleet. All employees of Industrial Pressure Works, from the top down, have worked cleaning customer fleets since we started in 2000. We continue that process today, which allows us to continually improve and advance the science of cleaning over the road vehicles and provide our customers the most affordably clean fleet available.

So call 888-WASH-IPW today and see how we can keep your fleet affordably clean.


The discharge of wash water generated from vehicle and fleet washing is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and by other state and local authorities. Regulations generally require that all wash water be recovered, contained, and discharged to sanitary sewer drains.

Federal, state, and local laws prohibit the discharge of untreated wash water into fresh water storm drains and violations of these laws can lead to substantial fines and penalties for companies failing to comply. Industrial Pressure Works mitigates these risks by providing an environmentally compliant wash service that offers proven solutions to the environmental issues and challenges faced by fleet managers today.


When you think about maintaining a clean fleet, it's probably the one thing your customers notice first. It's the service that you should never go without. With this unique marketing that you have with your customers, we take improving it very serious. We don't want you to just have an affordable wash service, but a much better affordable wash service. Industrial Pressure Works is the result of this approach.

We have completely redefined clean and for the first time ever we can truly offer you something that is affordably clean. By making the quality better but not more expensive, you can invite more potential customers to your company and still comfortably keep within your budget. To achieve a service with this standard we had to look at making our equipment and customizing it to fit our customer's needs. It has actually allowed us to increase our speed without a decrease in quality, leaving you with an affordably clean service.