It was October 2000, just when most pressure washing companies were blowing out their pumps, draining their hoses, and putting their roll around pressure washers away for the year, Industrial Pressure Works wash created. Focusing on the transportation industry with custom designed high volume industrial pressure washing machines, large fresh water tanks, a full vacuum recovery system and enough soap to wash 500 pieces of equipment; Industrial Pressure Works started washing over the road trucks. We have since continued to grow from North Carolina across the south east to Texas.

From day one Industrial Pressure Works has implemented its core values in the mobile and fixed truck wash industry of being honest, reliable, consistent, humble and full of integrity. We start with the right equipment so we can complete the job on time as agreed and also through in a little extra to keep all our customers completely satisfied. With the right equipment we can be one-hundred percent honest with all our customers; we can wash any type of over the road vehicle faster and better with our high volume pumps. With our high volume pumps we can give the best rate and produce the cleanest vehicles. We can be one-hundred percent honest with the environment as well, with our custom high capacity waste water reclaim system we keep all our customers compliant with the EPA and waste water regulations.

With our highly trained crews and the right equipment we find it very easy to be reliable. Each mobile unit has two machines mounted just in case one fails we have a backup. This allows us to complete every job on time so we can get to our next account without any issues. We set schedules and we stick to them. Since we focus only on the transportation industry our crews are set up to wash over the road vehicles, not masonry or drive ways or houses or buildings, just vehicles; this allows us to always have the proper chemicals and specialized crews to service your fleet better and faster.

To train our crews Industrial Pressure Works has invested hundreds of hours in creating Wash Procedure Manuals. Our manuals help us provide a level of consistency not commonly found in the pressure washing industry. We provide the same agreed upon result service after service until you want to add something. This consistency is found throughout our company, in our equipment, in our employees, in our uniform dress, from North Carolina to Florida through Georgia out to Texas all our customers see and appreciate our consistency.

Within Industrial Pressure Works there is no job beneath anyone or you will not work for us. From day one, every employee has worked washing trucks, squeegeeing waste water to the vacuum, taking out the trash, mixing soap or cleaning the bathroom, no job is beneath an employee of Industrial Pressure Works. With this humility we believe there is always room for improvement. We constantly strive to improve processes, develop safer, faster and better ways to complete our jobs. We solicit suggestions from drivers who work and drive the equipment we clean. We take those suggestions and implement them into our processes, this allows us to continue to learn and grow as a business.

When we commit to a job, we finish the job we committed to. If we say it, we will do it, that's the integrity of Industrial Pressure Works. We are who we say we are and we do what we say we are going to do. All employees of Industrial Pressure Works go through a rigorous hiring process so we can find people who possess the attributes that represent what our company stands for. To be considered for employment at Industrial Pressure Works applicants must pass a thorough criminal background check, pass a drug test, provide three character references that we call, display high moral values and have references to show the core values of honesty, reliability, consistency, humility, and integrity in their lives. It is these values and standards that have helped Industrial Pressure Works continue to grow and be successful. Come join our team either as an employee or a customer, you'll see the difference.