In our many years of experience in the fleet wash industry we have seen the pricing go from a great wash for a great price to, you get what you pay for. We realize you can't have a filthy fleet and we also realize the economy has affected many companies. A detailed wash can be expensive, but finding the cheapest price sometimes isn't even worth paying for at all. That's why we have focused on developing a wash system that is affordably clean. You will receive a truly clean streak free vehicle that fits perfect in your budget. The wash consists of high quality soap, a full brush wash, and a thorough high pressure rinse. Our affordable prices also include waste water recovery and all gas and material cost. At IPW you get more for less.

If an affordably clean wash just doesn't meet you company's high standards then you can choose from one of our many wash options. Whether you want less of a wash or more, our options range from a very basic Economy Wash all the way to The Works Wash for those that accept nothing but the best for their drivers. No matter the option that you prefer we guarantee the best wash for the best price. All prices are custom based off your company needs, quantity, and frequency of the wash.