Home imageWhen you think about maintaining a clean fleet, it's probably the one thing your customers notice first. It's the service that you should never go without. With this unique marketing that you have with your customers, we take improving it very serious. We don't want you to just have an affordable wash service, but a much better affordable wash service. Industrial Pressure Works is the result of this approach.

We have completely redefined clean and for the first time ever we can truly offer you something that is affordably clean. By making the quality better but not more expensive, you can invite more potential customers to your company and still comfortably keep within your budget. To achieve a service with this standard we had to look at making our equipment and customizing it to fit our customer's needs. It has actually allowed us to increase our speed without a decrease in quality, leaving you with an affordably clean service.

From the beginning we knew we wanted to be the best at taking care of and accommodating our customers. Our truck wash is a big part of making that possible. While on the road you can swing by our truck wash location for the best voted wash in North Carolina. It's one of the only truck wash in the state with over 10 years of experience. But we didn't stop there. We also knew we needed a true water recovery system in place. What water recovery does is it enables us to wash at any facility for the customers that don't have time to stop or aren’t near our truck wash. You may also notice a big difference in your budget by us coming to you vs. a truck wash. In fact, our mobile wash can be even as much as $25 less per unit than the average truck wash for those customers with a good size fleet. The normal mobile wash approach is to wash everything on the lot and let the waste water puddles sit and evaporate over time. Those puddles may sit well on your lot but, that doesn't sit well with the EPA. With IPW's custom water recovery vacuum, puddles and issues with the EPA are a thing of the past. This is one of the real breakthroughs that distinguish us from our competitors.

Our affordable prices are custom based on your company needs, fleet size and frequency of the wash, click contact to get a quote.